The Hermès Evelyne bag was designed in 1978 by Evelyne Bertrand, then head of Hermès riding department, as a carryall for horse groomers. The perforations in the shape of the “H” were designed to allow airflow to dry the tools on the go and were considered the bag’s back. For years, the stylish Evelyne bag was considered strictly utilitarian and was restricted to the Hermès equestrian supplies department.

It wasn’t until decades later that the extraordinary appeal of the Evelyne was fully appreciated, and the bag was moved to the leather goods department with the other Hermès luxury bags. Today, the Hermès Evelyne is loved for its casual flair, and the characteristic “H” perforations are, of course, worn facing forward.

The Evelyne bag itself is shaped like a saddlebag, while the adjustable shoulder strap of sturdy canvas and leather was designed to echo a horse’s girth strap. The Evelyne is hand-cut, sewn, and polished, crafted of durable leather that resists scratches and tarnishing. Sewn without lining, the bag’s interior is the raw, suede back of the leather it is made from.